Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So the acupuncture. I wish I'd been able to blog directly from my brain while it was happening, because it was pretty darned intense. After the treatment I was exhausted and hungry, and I didn't do anything the rest of the day except eat pierogis and pat my cat.
I was surprised and delighted at all the questions the acupuncturist asked - they were all so relevant I was excited to answer them. People told me the needles didn't hurt, which is not entirely true. Some of them hurt a lot. Some of them hurt in areas not even close to where they were actually sticking. My insteps are still sore today. I panicked a little, had trouble breathing properly- the same anxiety I feel during yoga. The acupuncturist was very cool and soothing and brought me green tea and kleenex.
Next she used tuning forks - this was my favorite part. I've always been really sensitive to low frequencies and sounds and combinations of notes - tight harmonies in music have always pretty much been my religion. I was able to soften my focus and my mind managed to quiet itself a bit.
To sum it up, I felt hopeful because I felt something. Sometimes that's all you can ask for.

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Mirjoi said...

I'm glad you went...and hope more sessions bring relief! Who told you the needles don't hurt? :) So true--sometimes it's wierd how they poke you in your thumb and you feel it in your toes. It's true what they say about music! It heals, or as YOU say "Music Saves".