Monday, October 31, 2011

Slog slog slog

Well folks, the news from the orthopaedic surgeon was good-ish. No torn tendons, no torn ligaments, but the meniscus is torn and the ligaments all sprained and janky. Still learning patience - let's be accurate actually. Still screaming with all my skin  ALL I WANT TO DO IS WORK. It sucks. I'm still here, I love my class, and the faculty is amazing on a level I can't even comprehend some days. I'm heading into week four on crutches which means I can't participate in the performance labs, but I've become the regular emcee.

I don't know guys. It makes me sad today. All I ever wanted to do was to do this fully every single moment. It's hard from under an ice pack in the corner.
Don't worry. Still workin' it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

So, we're thinking Medial Collateral ligament tear. I'm convinced it's only a strain. Monday's visit to the orthopaedic surgeon will tell. Boy, I tell you, I'm frustrated. I did a lot of work and sacrificed a lot of things to come here, and I sure as heck hate watching it pass me by from the couch.
My class is super supportive - I'm so afraid of being left behind but I know they won't let it happen. Learning. patience. Gratitude, writing, and developing a directors eye. Sigh no more. It's par for the course.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pre Performance Lab Check In

I ran almost 2 miles this morning. It's better in a group of 40. With songs.

I have not worn real pants in a week.

Boy is my temper juuuuuuust below the surface

I get weirdly athletic and competitive during group sports

I love to sleep more than ever

Yes, you can have a bagel and cream cheese and 2 portions of rice cheese and broccoli for lunch. Yes, you will be hungry in 2 hours.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Performance


pirate ship made from a converted white Volkswagen Cabriolet carrying 20 people
pirate zombie band
drag mermaid
the phrase"walk the spank"
human sea monkeys

I've never seen so much care taken to create a safe, fun place. Lloyd borrowed my hat, it looked WAY better on him. Jesus God, Adrenaline.
Instant bonds were made. Trust created. All while we laughed. I feel lucky all of a sudden.
Sometimes, you get really really lucky with your random roommate selection.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Post from Blue Lake (E?XHAUSTED)


Just the first day of orientation (there are two) has us bruised, sweaty and all too aware of our extreme level of out of shape.

Last night I got to see a workshop production of some alumni and their clown show. Today we oriented for several hours, the MFA's threw us a BBQ, and we got our first assignment. Why am I so tired? We did waaay less than we usually will...

Luckily my roomates are mad cool. They wear safety goggles while driving nails, and buy vodka by the drum. Summer also figured out how to start our ancient stove.

 Well done there, pizza for all. All told, things are pretty much what you'd expect. A lot of extremely nervous, extremely diverse people trying the best way they know how to make a good impression, make friends, and make someone laugh.

Second day of orientation tomorrow, which makes me a little more at ease because it's sweatpants wearing studio work. Warm ups, realizing you STILL can't do push ups, stuff like that. I can deal with that kind of sucking. It's the mental stuff that gets to me. I'll let you know how it goes. Oh, and the day after that is the actual first day of school. Pictures to follow.

PS Also, my name anagrams to Axe Boullion. For our metal band.