Friday, August 20, 2010

YAY The books from my Dell'Arte studies arrived!! For the curious The Use of the Self by FM Alexander , The Second Circle by Patsy Rodenberg, and I Heard God Laughing by the 14th century Iranian poet, Hafiz.

Where's Laviolette? I miss her scattered inner rumblings!

Well friends, I've kept all my rumblings on the outside lately, I'm WAY into second circle epic brain-wringing rehearsals for WONDERLAND. It's nice to be in a company where your input is so valued, but I'm WAY third circle ALL THE TIME. Makes for much draining/unprofitable introspection. We open Saturday. Do you live in Seattle? Come marvel at our wonderness, and place bets on whether or not my stilted, hoop skirted, tea-seeking ass topples into the locks and gets eaten by rabid* sea lions.

No really. There are sea lions. 3 of them. and yesterday an adorable harbour seal pup.
Rehearsals look like this:

*not really.

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