Monday, August 9, 2010

Reading Back

Funny - I was reading back over some of the blogs I wrote from school - during the very first performance lab, Ronlin told me I was being 'strident', and that that was never funny.

I thought I should mention that in the last few days of class, he had me develop a high status character (that red dress clown from the finals pictures) who screams for her staff and stomps around pouting.

Pronunciation: \ˈstrī-dənt\
Function: adjective
characterized by harsh, insistent, and discordant sound ; also : commanding attention by a loud or obtrusive quality

Just sayin'.

I have a hard time finding high status characters. I feel like to play high status in the clown realm, you have to say no a lot. No, I won't do that, no YOU shouldn't do that. It's really hard to find the delight. I got frustrated, I pouted, I was given a reference:
Oh Margaret Dumont. Could you ever take a pie. Turns out my work was to learn to take a fall. High status = bigger fall = bigger laughs. This is my work.

I was given more homework to watch - 2 women who can take a fall:

I could certainly find myself in worse company.

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Mariah said...

Oh, I could watch Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett for HOURS. Love them. :) I hope someday I can see your character that you created in a show of some sort! :)