Saturday, July 24, 2010

Week Three

I'm tired. It's been a hard week. Another student went home. One girl cried until she threw up in class. I'm not building a clown yet because I haven't hit on anything for me. It's frustrating, and leaves me feeling terminally average, which was my worst fear of all. Lots of crying, lots of drinking on Friday night, a regrettable amount actually. Which made me feel like maybe not my very best person. Only a week left, I still don't have a clown, and I'm losing touch with what I've already gained. My body is giving out on me. I'm afraid my spirit is too.

I guess I just need some sleep.

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Mariah said...

Sleep will help, I'm sure. It sounds hard (pretty sure I couldn't handle it) and you're pushing through and learning things about yourself and your craft. No matter what- it's a GOOD thing and an awesome experience to have. You can do it! :) Big hugs.