Sunday, July 18, 2010

Perfornamce Lab II

Totally ate the second performance lab. It was a much more physical slapstick assignment. We practiced too much, and my body just gave out. I fell in the first 20 seconds and just could not hit any of my marks after that. We didn't get any notes. I'd rather get torn apart than just not mentioned.
So I drank the universe at the Mad River Tasting Room and the rest of the night was a write off.

I did my Daily Practice last night, and some truly atrocious fish flops that I filmed but they're not so much post-worthy. I'm so wiped, I don't know if I should be resting or conditioning for next week.
Today is Annie and Mary Day, a sort of founders day for Blue Lake - it's their 100th year and there's all sorts of festivities.

I'm tired. Nap time. Los Payasos Mendigos tonight. Yay.

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