Sunday, March 24, 2013


Wow. I came back to blog in my blog only to find my last post was a year ago TO THE DAY. I was about to barrel into Clown Block.

Oh to hop in my TARDIS and return to that day.

The year that has followed it has contained the highest professional highs and the lowest personal lows of my life. I lied. I cheated. I probably stole. I let the shame of it tear me completely apart. But as my therapist (and pinterest) have said, rock bottom is a good place from which to build your new life. And hey, I didn't end up dead or in jail, so, you know. Hope.

So now I'm creating my first original piece of theatre. I'm of course terrified it'll be exactly the sort of thing I hate seeing at fringe festivals (I HAVE FEELINGS AND I'M GOING TO FEEL THEM AT YOU) but I'm tired of letting that fear stop me trying. I'm trying to learn how to let myself exist in the world. Oh wait - everyone should watch this.

This is my study now. Which means writing more here (even though I'm super crazy insecure!). It means creating work (see above! Aah!) It means being a better friend and a whole hearted person.

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Mirjoi said...

I love you Alex B'dalex. Also, that TED video is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.