Monday, October 31, 2011

Slog slog slog

Well folks, the news from the orthopaedic surgeon was good-ish. No torn tendons, no torn ligaments, but the meniscus is torn and the ligaments all sprained and janky. Still learning patience - let's be accurate actually. Still screaming with all my skin  ALL I WANT TO DO IS WORK. It sucks. I'm still here, I love my class, and the faculty is amazing on a level I can't even comprehend some days. I'm heading into week four on crutches which means I can't participate in the performance labs, but I've become the regular emcee.

I don't know guys. It makes me sad today. All I ever wanted to do was to do this fully every single moment. It's hard from under an ice pack in the corner.
Don't worry. Still workin' it.

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